Challenge Yourself to a Screen Free Week!

Today screens like TV’s, computers, tablets, and phones are being used by our children for hours after they come home at night.  Although screen time may be needed to do homework, we still need to have time to be active!  

This is why May 1 -7th is National Screen Free week where we can commit to putting down our screens and encourage our families to be active.  Screen Free Week can be a time when you can spend quality time with the ones that you love.  

What activities do you and your children like to do the most?  Riding a bike?  Going to the park and kicking or throwing a ball? Trying new recipes at home?

See how many ways you can try to add more family time and less screen time this week:

Create a morning routine that doesn’t involve “Screens”
Instead of turning on the television before school, eat breakfast together as a family. Talk to your kids about their upcoming day, look at the school lunch menu and ask them whether they have tried new foods that they liked.

Enjoy screen-free meals
Make meals a time for your family to talk about the day.  Turn off the TV and encourage family members to keep their phones off the table during meal time.

Create a physical activity routine after dinner
Instead of watching TV, try a new activity as a family each night this week.  If the weather is nice, go for a walk around the neighborhood, take the kids to the nearest playground, or just enjoy the sunset while playing tag with them.  If the weather is rainy, be active inside. Make an activity cube, roll and do the activity that it lands on! Blow up a balloon and keep it off the ground or let your child make up their own game to play.  

Try healthy recipes with the kids!
Make memories that will last a lifetime by spending time with family and friends and making a healthy meal together.  There are many fun, kid-friendly recipes on our Eat Smart Website that your family is sure to enjoy making together.

Going screen free this week can be a lot of fun and a great way to try new activities as a family.  Enjoy your screen free week!!
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