Moving the Little Ones

It is spring time and the weather can change from day to day.  It can be hard to have outdoor activities with your kids.  This is a great time to play and spend quality time with your kids at home.  Do not let the weather be an excuse to get physical activity.  Kids can learn healthy habits from being active each day.  Some of the health benefits of being active and getting regular physical activity include:

  • Develop strong bones and muscles
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve concentration in school
It is important for kids to get 60 minutes of physical activity each day.  This does not mean kids have to exercise for 60 minutes all at once, but it can be in 10 minute bursts of activity added up throughout the day.  Here are some indoor fun ideas that you can do with your kids.
  • Create treasure hunts inside your house.  Plant some treasures in each room.   Make a list of objects and have kids go on a 'treasure hunt'.  
  • Play Freeze Dance.  Take turns in planing 'freeze dance'.  Lead the kids and control the music.  When the music is off, FREEZE! When the music comes back on, DANCE!  Kids love to dance!
  • Clean the bedroom.  Your kids can help keep their room neat and it gets them moving.
  • Host a basketball shoot out using foam balls.  Use a trash can as a hoop.  Keep things interesting by moving the basket around and rotation where the shooter starts.
  •  Have a sock war.  You can ball up clean socks and have an indoor snowball fight.
  • Play bowling. Use empty water bottles or cups and foam ball to make bowling alleys.
Don't let the weather stop you from getting physical activity!

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