Have Fun at the Farmers' Market!

Have you ever visited a local farmers' market?  If not, you're missing out!  Farmers' markets are exciting places to be.  They have lots of pretty colors, sweet smells and yummy tastes!  Farmers' sell flowers, fruits and vegetables that they have grown for a fair price. (Some farmers' markets even accept EBT or WIC checks). You and your family can visit the farmers' market to buy healthy and tasty foods and have some fun too!
How can you have fun at a farmers' market?  Here are several suggestions:

  • Make it a family event.  Children love going to the farmers' market to help pick out healthy foods.  Let them choose a fruit or vegetables of every different color!
  • Try something new!  Never heard of a rutabaga?  Ask the farmer how he prepares it.  Don't be afraid to try something you've never had before. You may find you and your family really like it.
  • Enjoy the wonderful sights and smells.  Admire the beautiful flowers, look at the different colors of the foods (look for purple potatoes or yellow carrots), and smell the delicious fruit.
  • Eat!  The best part about going to a farmers' market is eating the fruits and vegetables you've bought. These foods are picked as soon as they are ripe meaning they have the best flavor.
If you haven't yet been to a farmers' market, it's time you go!  Not only will you and your family enjoy the trip, but you'll enjoy eating healthy and delicious foods!  To find a farmers' market near you, check out this link:  Find a Farmers' Market. 

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