Using your WIC and Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Checks at the Farmers Market

Did you know that you can use your WIC & Food Stamp Benefits at local farmers' markets?  The Farmers' Markets want you to be able to enjoy locally grown fruits and vegetables using your SNAP and WIC money.  There are just a few simple steps that you need to know to be able to use your benefits at the farmer's markets. 

To Use Your EBT Card at the Farmers' Market:
  • Go to the designated area like the market managers' tent with your EBT card.
  • Swipe your EBT Card OR your debit/credit card and enter the amount you want to spend.
  • You will receive tokens to spend at each vendor table.
  • You will use the tokens to pay for your fruits and veggies .  EBT customers are only able to purchase EBT-eligible foods.  These foods include:
        Sample EBT Card
      • Fruits & Vegetables
      • Bread
      • Beef, Chicken and eggs
      • Frozen foods **
      • Seeds or plants for growing fruits and vegetables
   ***Make sure to bring a cooler for frozen foods and meat to ensure food stays at the right temperature!

The Farmer's Market also accepts the WIC and Senior FMNP checks.  These vouchers are typically given out at the WIC offices.  The Senior FMNP vouchers are given out at community locations which are coordinated by the county.  These checks allow you to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmers' markets.  Not all farmer's markets accept these checks.  To learn if the farmers' market near you participates, go the Farmers' Market listings, click on county.  If these are accepted at your farmer's market, it will be indicated by WIC and Senior FMNP Checks Accepted in the description.


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