Keeping it Healthy with the School Breakfast Program

Mornings can be a busy time for moms and dads.  One way to save time in the morning is to let your child's school take care of breakfast!

The School Breakfast Program is a great way to make sure your child gets a good start to each school day.  Breakfast not only helps your child focus in school, but it also can help with their behavior.

Every morning at school through the School Breakfast kids receive at least one serving of most food groups.  Having these food groups each day make school breakfast a healthy choice.

Food Groups at Every Breakfast:
  • Dairy:  low-fat milk
  • Fruit:  100% fruit juice or fresh fruit
  • Grains:  Bread, waffles, pancakes, cereal
  • Protein:  Yogurt, eggs, sausage, turkey slices

Examples of Maryland School Breakfast:
  • Baltimore City:  An egg wrap, with 100% fruit juice and low fat milk
  • Prince George's County:  Turkey pancake wrap with applesauce, grape juice and low fat milk
  • Montgomery County:  Scrambled egg + cheese on whole wheat bread with fruit and low fat milk
  • Allegany County:  French toast with fruit and low fat milk
As you can see, School Breakfast gives kids a healthy meal each school day and is a great option for families whoe struggle with breakfast.  The best part -- signing up for breakfast is easy and can be for everyone!  If you qualify for free or reduced meals, this applies to breakfast too!  Even if you don't qualify for free or reduce meals, your child can still buy breakfast at school.  Other schools sometimes have breakfast brought into the classroom through, Maryland Meals for Achievement, so encourage your child to eat breakfast at school on those days.

Encourage your child to eat School Breakfast today!

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