Use SuperTracker to Keep You on Track!

Have you used the SuperTracker website developed by USDA?  It is designed to help you track your eating, physical activity and weight.  It also helps you with setting goals and journaling. Best of all, it is very easy to use!

To decide if SuperTracker can help you become more healthy by making better food choices and becoming more physically active, go to the website,  Do some experimenting to see how the site works and how you can use it to help you stay on "track". 

To begin using SuperTracker:

Create Your Profile
If you want a personalized calorie limit and food plan, you will have to register.  Once you have registered, you will be able to record the foods you eat and your physical activity, make decisions on your progress, and even receive customized advice.  If you are worried about your privacy, there's no need to use your real name.  Your user name can be anything you choose.

SuperTracker Features
  • Use the Food-A-Pedia to find nutrition information on over 8,000 foods. 
  • The Food Tracker is a tool for recording the foods you eat.
  • The Physical Activity Tracker is a tool for keeping track of your physical activity and your progress in becoming more physically active.
  • My Weight Manager is a feature designed to help you manage your weight.
  • My Top 5 Goals allows you to choose up to 5 personal goals, and sign up for tips and support from a "coach".
  • My Reports will help you see how you are meeting your goals and view your progress over time.
You can depend on this website for correct information about nutrition and physical activity.  With a little practice, you will find Super Tracker is a great tool for helping you reach your nutrition and physical activity goals.

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  1. Such a great resource! Thanks for sharing.


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