Focus on Family Meals

What a great way to start the school year off by trying to include family meals in your day.  Family meals help to bring the family together to talk about their day and build lasting relationships.  Family meals can be any meal of the day -- breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Here are a few tips that may help you to plan family meals together!

  1.  Get the whole family involved.  Kids love to help in the kitchen so try to include them in preparing dinner.  Kids can help wash fruits and veggies, tear lettuce for a salad, set the table or choose a veggie to eat!
  2. Family meals can be quick and simple.  They do not have to be a huge meal, it can be as simple as having a sandwich or tossed salad, your favorite fruit and a glass of milk.
  3. Family members are the best role models for children.  Always include fruits and veggies at your table and encourage your children to try them.  When children see you eating fruits and veggies, they are more likely to try them too.
  4. Plan meals ahead of time.  Start planning your meals and do the grocery shopping on the weekends.  Write on a calendar what you plan to have for dinner each night.  This will cut down on the time you would spend deciding what to eat when you get home.
  5. Turn the T.V. and other electronic devices off.  Do not answer phone calls so that you can focus on your family.  Ask your kids how their day went and if they learned something new.
Family meals can be a great way to spend with your family.  Make a goal to plan a family meal at least once a week.  Tell us some of your ideas for planning family meals!

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