Fun Ways to Cook Eggs

Eating more eggs is a wonderful way to give you and your family's health a boost.  Many people are afraid that eating eggs will raise their cholesterol but eggs are actually a great source of protein and vitamins.  One little egg is packed with protein, Vitamin A, E and B vitamins.  Eating the whole egg including the egg white and the yolk will ensure you get all of the nutrition the egg has to offer. Eggs can be a part of the whole family's diet.  Here are some (egg) excellent ideas to get you started!

Four Fun Ways to Cook Eggs
  1. Hard boiled eggs: Hard boiled eggs are healthy and low in fat.  They can be eaten as part of a healthy breakfast, a nutritious snack, dinner salad, or pasta dish.  Once hard boiled eggs are cooled kids can decorate them for a fun twist.  Learn more about hard boiled eggs including how to cook them here.
  2. Omelets:  Omelets are a great way to cook eggs with veggies or low-fat cheese.  They make a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Let kids stir eggs in a small bowl before cooking them in a frying pan with cooking spray.  Add veggies like broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, and spinach for a healthy meal.  The kids can also help cut the veggies. Try our Vegetable Omelet with your family.
  3. Scrambled egg sandwiches:  Scrambled eggs are often a favorite for kids and a great protein pack way to start the day.  Make your scrambled eggs with low-fat cheese and spray the pan with cooking spray to cut the fat.  A scrambled egg sandwich with whole grain bread or an English muffin is a great grab and go breakfast for kids.
  4. Quiche:  A quiche is a quick and easy dish made with eggs.  Try making a quiche with a variety of veggies like spinach, green peppers, mushrooms, and onions.   For a healthier option, make a quiche without a crust and use only a small amount of low-fat cheese.  Try this quiche recipe at home for a quick, weeknight dinner.
What is your favorite way to prepare eggs for your family?

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