Winter Recipe Round-Up

Winter time is a great time to have fun in the kitchen with the kids.  With several breaks during the winter months, cooking healthy treats is a fun way to bond with kids and introduce them to healthy new foods.  Cooking with kids provides a great learning opportunity for them.  By preparing foods, kids also gain math, reading, science and motor skills!

Here are some fun and healthy ideas for trying new foods and recipes with your kids.
  1. Sweet Potatoes and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars --  A healthy twist to a kids favorite cookie.  Sweet potatoes are on sale and in-season this time of year.
  2. Roasted Root Vegetables -- Roasted root veggies are easy to make and a great savory side dish to pair with dinner or eat for a snack.  The kids will get to try new veggies that they may have not seen before.
  3. Banana Nut Oatmeal -- While the kids are out of school it is important for them to eat breakfast every day.  There is nothing better than warm oatmeal on a cold morning!  The kids can help measure the oats and cut the bananas!
  4. Tony's Trail Mix -- Healthy snacks are important to keep the kids fueled during the day.  Make this easy trail mix with them.
  5. Have Fun with Sandwiches -- Make lunchtime fun.  Let the kids use cookie cutters to cut whole grain sandwich bread!  

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