Reducing Screen Time in Winter Months

Do you find yourself watching more TV than usual in the winter?  Are you less physically active in the winter months?  If you answered yes, then your children probably would, too!

Because it isn't always as easy to get outside for a walk or run when the weather is cold and snowy, you might need to use your imagination and come up with some ways to get your family moving during the winter!
  • Take advantage of nice days and walk as a family, play basketball, or walk the dog!
  • When cold temperatures keep you inside, put on some music and have a dance contest.
  • Run up and down the steps in your house if you have them!
  • Play with soft balls and tag each other with one.
If you have the space, make one area of the house your active area, where everyone can move without bumping into anything breakable.

Find out what is happening in the community.  Are there outdoor ice skating rinks or indoor skating rinks?  Is anyone offering indoor basketball games?  Watch for flyers from your child's school -- many schools hold family fun and fitness nights where you can get really active together!

The ideas below might not be a way to get physical activity, but you will have some quality family time and you won't be watching the TV: 
  • Pull out those old board games and have family game night!  Set aside one night each week when each family member reads their favorite book; share what you're reading with each other! 
  • Start a new hobby!  Learn a new craft like sewing, knitting, or cooking, or work on your family history, scrapbooking, etc.
There are many fun ways to spend time together as a family without screen time!   However you do it, just keep moving all winter long.

For more ideas, visit the President's Challenge Newsletter.

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