Celebrate Screen Free Week

Screen Free Week is celebrated May 4-10 this year.  This is a time for families to turn off televisions, computers, video games, and other hand held devices and spend time exploring the community.  This week is also a time to enjoy being active as a family.

How to Go Screen Free
The key to success when reducing screen time is to pick a goal that your family can meet. You may choose to start the week by allowing some screen time, with the goal of cutting it out entirely by weeks end.  It is also a good idea for all family members to be able to choose different activities to do during the week.  Write down the ideas on a calendar and put it on the refrigerator or a bulletin board so that everyone can see it.

Below are some of our favorite ways to get the whole family involved during Screen Free Week without hearing, "I'm bored!" from the kids.
  • Go screen free together.  Have everyone put their phones or devices in the same basket right by the door when you get home.
  • Take turns as the chef in the kitchen each night.  The chef gets to decide the meal and assign jobs to the other kitchen helpers.  Younger kids can help set the table and wash fruits and vegetables, while older kids and adults can chop veggies, write the menu, and serve the food.
  • Turn off electronic devices during meals.  Make it a habit to turn your television, tablet, or other electronic devices off during meal times so that the family can talk about their day.
  • Go on a nature walk and skip some rocks!  How many skips can you get?  Also remember to look for birds, find a walking stick, and pick some flowers.
  • Plan an indoor or outdoor picnic. Involve everyone by giving tasks like finding the perfect picnic spot, picking a blanket, and helping choose the food.  Prepare picnic foods by peeling oranges, counting carrot sticks and scooping hummus, making homemade popcorn, creating fruit kabobs, and making sandwiches or wraps made with nut butters or cheese.
  • Explore your local library, nearby parks, nature centers, art galleries, and recreation centers.  Many of these places have free and low-cost activities for all ages.
  •  Create a jumping zone or dance floor. Nothing makes kids giggle like seeing their parents jump on the bed or grooving to the beat on the dance floor.
  • Play your favorite card games.  Younger kids will enjoy classic games like Uno, Go Fish, and Crazy Eights.  Older kids may enjoy strategy games like Hearts and Spades.
Screen Free Success!
Going screen free can be fun for everyone with a little effort and creativity.  Look for more ideas on how to go screen free at www.screenfree.org.  Have fun!


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