Water for Healthy Bodies

Warm temperatures are here to stay for a while, so it's important to remember to give our bodies plenty of water to help stay cool and hydrated during these busy summer days.

Why do we need to drink water?
Every single cell in our body has water in it.  It is an essential building block for everything our body does.  Our brains and hearts are made up of 70% water, and our muscles are 80% water.  All of our body fluids, such as blood, saliva, and spinal fluids, contain water.  Even our bones have water in them -- about 30% of our skeleton is water!

Our bodies need water for sweating to keep us cool, acting as a transport to deliver nutrients, helping to flush out body wasted through urination, and lubricating our joints so we can move around easily.

How do I get water?
All of us can meet our bodies' water needs through drinking fluids.  Luckily, our body lets us know when it needs more water by giving us a feeling of thirst.  We can also get water from the foods that we eat.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are about 85% water, plus they have important nutrients that our body needs.

Water is a delicious drink on its own, and it is what our body needs most often.  Create your own refreshing drink by adding sliced fruit such as lemon, lime, oranges, strawberries, and even watermelon, or fresh herbs like spearmint to a glass of water.  Slices of fruit and herbs add very few calories, keeping this a very healthy drink.

If you like soda but know you should limit sugary drinks,  create your own using the recipe Fizzy and Fruity Water.  It's a fun one to make with the kids because they get to see lots of bubbles, while having a healthy drink.  Enjoy!

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