Fresh Sandwich Ideas

Lunch is an important but sometimes forgotten meal.  It offers you a break away from the busy day to refuel and refresh.  But finding creative ways of making your sandwich healthy yet taste good can sometimes be a challenge.

Sandwiches are a great way to add a few vegetables to your day.  Whether it be a few lettuce leaves, some shredded carrots or sliced zucchini, veggies in a sandwich is will offer additional nutrients to meet your daily need for vitamins, minerals, and get more veggies!

Turkey and cheese or peanut butter and jelly may be standard choices in your sandwich routine, but mix it up with a few veggie filled options with these simple tips:
  1. Bring on the Beans
    Beans are packed with protein and fiber to help keep you full through the afternoon.  Beans plus veggies will give you energy to tackle your to-do list.  Mash beans with a fork or blend them into a spread to use as a base on a wonderful sandwich.  Try our Homemade Hummus instead of adding mayonnaise or salad dressing to your sandwich.  For a veggie packed sandwich, consider making a Veggie Bean Wrap for lunch one day.
  2. Fruit Punch
    Fruit may not seem like your typical sandwich ingredient, but it provides just a touch of mid-day sweetness.  Both dried and fresh fruit will work.  Try a few combinations until you find one you like. Chicken Waldorf Salad has apples and raisins added to traditional chicken salad.   Add bananas and raisins to a peanut butter and jelly for Banana Burritos.  
  3. Wrap it up
    Sandwiches do not have to be served on bread.  Whole wheat tortillas make a substitute to bread for sandwiches.  Pita pockets are also a great option that has room to hold lots of fruits and veggies.  Mix up your lunch routine with Crunchy Vegetable WrapsTasty Tuna Lettuce Wraps, and Packed Pitas.

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