Physical Activity in the Winter Months

Does the cold weather keep your family inside most days?  You can still be active as a family inside during the winter. Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity, especially if you have a small space! But your family can still enjoy getting activity inside.  Try some of these ideas during those cold winter days to keep your family moving.
  • Sock skating -- Try a safer version of ice skating by wearing socks on a smooth surface.   Paper places placed on carpet can work too!  Kids can "skate" around the house.
  • Winter Olympics - Although the Winter Olympics isn't this year, your family can still have their own Winter Olympics competition.  Make up games like sock skating, bobsledding using a laundry basket, and indoor hockey with a soft ball.
  • Snowball toss -- Make snowballs out of soft toys or rolled up socks.  Toss back and forth with another family member.  Each time you catch the snowball, take a step back.
  • Winter yoga -- Have your child try a more relaxing way of being active.  Try yoga poses like downhill skier, a twirling figure skater or a warrior pose.
It's important to continue to keep children active even during the winter months.  Plan time to be active as a family this week.  Your children will enjoy the time spent with you!

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