Happy National Canned Food Month!

From fruits and vegetables to meat, beans, seafood, and soups, a variety of healthy foods are available to us in a can.  Using canned foods in planning meals has many benefits.  Let's take a look at how canned foods can help save time and money.

Lower cost
Canned foods are usually cheaper than fresh and frozen foods and can help stretch our food budget.   Compare costs of different brands and sizes are the best buy.  Store brands can usually save you money.  Stock up on canned foods when there is a sale.

Healthy choices
Canned foods have the same amount of nutrients as frozen and fresh options.  Choose low-sodium canned vegetables.  If you can't find low-sodium choices, rinse the food in a colander to get rid of some of the excess salt.  Also, try to choose fruit canned in 100% juice instead of fruit canned in syrup.

Shelf life
Foods canned offer a long shelf life.  It is recommended to use canned foods within 1-2 years of purchase.  Rotate your cans often so your oldest canned foods are near the front.  Remember to store all canned foods in a clean, dry and cool place.  Always check the "use by" date and toss any expired foods.

Canned foods are also very convenient.  Already cooked, the canned food can be used to put together a quick soup, casserole, or used as a side dish in a meal.  They are ready to heat and eat!

Let's celebrate this month by using more canned foods in our meals!  Try our yummy
3 Bean Salad

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