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Apple Frogs

Does winter seem like it's never going to give-way to spring?  Well, 2016 has an extra day of winter built in because of Leap Year, when the month of February has 29, not 28 days.  Let's do something fun with this day and make it special!  After all, you won't have another Leap Day for four more years!

Make Like a Frog and Leap!  Get your entire family up and moving like frogs!
  1. Jump around the house to your favorite music.  Do a Freeze Frog when the music stops.  If it is nice enough outside, leap around out there.
  2. Leap 29 times in a row!  If you feel really active, you could do this four times.
  3. Play leap frog.
  4.  Set up a leap frog obstacle course with lots of leaping, jumping, hopping, and skipping.
  5. Let each family member pick out their favorite stuffed animal and then have them leap to it.
Make a Healthy "Frog" Snack!
  • Apple Frogs. With crisp apples, green grapes, and raisins for eyes you can make a healthy, fun "frog" snack for Leap Day!
  • Bug crackers.  Spread peanut butter or soy nut butter on two round crackers and put them together to make a sandwich.  Add thing carrot or celery sticks for the legs.  Dab more peanut butter on top of the cracker and add raisins for eyes.  
  • Bugs on a Lilypad.  Slice your favorite apple to get a thick round slice.  Spread with nut butter or yogurt.  Top with raisins, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, or blueberries, and crunchy granola cereal.
Bugs on a Lilly pad


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