Kid's Corner: My Plate Kids Place

A healthy diet is both delicious and fun, but sometimes it takes a little creativity to get our kids to eat balanced meals.  With MyPlate Kids Place, you can turn healthy eating into a game to help your child learn healthy habits for their whole life.  MyPlate Kids Place, created by the USDA, includes games, activities, videos, songs, and more to help make healthy eating exciting for the kids in your life.  Have your child learn healthy ways of eating while playing a fun computer game. 
For kids, life is all fun and games. With MyPlate kids place, their food can be full of fun and games too!  MyPlate Kids Place offers several links to games involving food groups and healthy eating. One game called “Blast Off” lets kids fuel their rockets with servings from each food group and daily physical activity.

Songs and Videos
MyPlate Kid’s Place provides videos for you and your children to watch together about eating healthy and physical activity as well as a few songs you can dance and sing to together.  One song called “Alive with Five Groups” sings about getting all five food groups into your diet.

MyPlate Champions!
Once your child has learned all about MyPlate and healthy eating, you can print a certificate and help your child pledge to become a MyPlate Champion! Getting kids excited about healthy eating can be easy when you use your resources, and MyPlate Kid’s Place is a favorite for kids, parents and educators alike. Log on to and become a MyPlate Champion today!


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