Fun, Fall, Family Activities in Maryland!

Fall is the time of the year for you and your family to enjoy the crisp, cool air and colorful trees. Take your family on a walk anywhere to enjoy the nice fall weather! The University of Maryland Extension and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene host WalkMD each year on October 5. If you miss it this year, make plans for it next fall! This event is a fun way to get your family active.

Take your family to your local farmers’ market to pick out some fresh produce, like apples, greens, and winter squash. There are so many delicious fruits and vegetables to choose from, but some of them only come during the fall season, so get them while they last!

Pumpkins are now in season. You can go to a pumpkin patch or your local farmers’ market and let the kids pick out their very own pumpkin. Make a pumpkin pie using fresh pumpkin, then bake the pumpkin seeds in the oven by adding a pinch of salt for a healthy snack!

There are also many places in Maryland where you can bring the family to pick your own apples at an orchard. The apples you pick can become a game: bobbing for apples. Remember that apple scraps are good composting material!

During the month of October, many events are related to Halloween. If you are a family that likes being scared, you could always walk around a haunted house. However, if you have younger kids that might be too afraid, you can always go to a farm that offers corn mazes!

Lastly, raking up the leaves in the yard is a fall chore, but it also counts as exercise. Before you dispose of the leaves, make a pile and jump in them! No matter what your family decides to do this fall season, remember to have fun and be active!

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