Celebrate Family and Friends at Thanksgiving

In the United States, Thanksgiving is a holiday when we celebrate the bounty of the harvest season with family and friends. Fall foods such as squash, pumpkin, greens, sweet potatoes, corn, cranberries, and apples are featured in many Thanksgiving meals, along with the traditional turkey and stuffing.

A favorite part of Thanksgiving for children and adults is enjoying a traditional recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. In fact, some of these recipes are considered “holiday foods” that only make their appearance at special family occasions. This Thanksgiving, celebrate your heritage with your family by preparing your favorite recipe and sharing it with your loved ones.

Although many serve turkey and stuffing as part of their traditional Thanksgiving meal, many others celebrate by featuring seafood like shrimp, crab, and lobster, or other proteins like deer and beef. No matter what protein you decide to include, make generous use of locally grown veggies in your side dishes with easy to prepare recipes like Roasted Vegetables and Greens and Beans.

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate family traditions and create new ones. Invite your friends and family to share their favorite holiday recipes, and include children—have them share their favorites too! There is no better way to celebrate our heritage and traditions than with delicious fresh food.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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