Staying Active at Home, Work, and Play

The average American spends at least 8 hours a day sitting.  It might be at a desk job, driving in a car, watching TV on the couch or some combination of sitting activities.  Look for creative ways to be as active as possible during our days. Here are some ideas to help you stay active at home, work or play:

At home:
  • Hide the remote, so if you want to change the channel or skip the commercials you have to get up.
  • Bring the groceries into the house one bag at time.
  • Make several trips up the steps with clean or dirty laundry.
  • Walk around the house or the neighborhood while on the phone.
  • Pick weeds, plant flowers or herbs and vegetables, rake leaves.
  • Turn on music and dance while cooking or cleaning.

At Work:
  • Walk up the steps instead of using the elevator.
  • Go talk to a coworker instead of emailing them.
  • Sit on a stability ball instead of a desk chair.
  • Drink lots of water. You’ll take more steps for refills and bathroom trips.
  • Hold meetings where people are standing or walking.
  • Reorganize your desk/office so you have get up to reach certain items.

At Play:
  • Park the car and walk.  Walk into the bank (don’t drive through).  Walk into a store (instead of shopping online). Park further away from the store and walk the longer distance.
  • Take a lap around the grocery store before you start to shop.
  • Go out and play with your kids. Toss the football, play basketball, hula hoop, or make up a new game to just be active.
  • Kids at sports practice? Ask to help out the coach or walk around the field if possible.
  • Help out your neighbors by shoveling their sidewalk or raking their leaves.
  • Pick your own fresh apples, strawberries, peaches etc.  You’ll love the fresh taste and burn calories too.

For more ideas on staying active, visit MyPlate

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