Winter Fruits and Veggies

Buying Winter Produce
White snow and gray clouds might keep you indoors this winter.  Adding colorful fruits and vegetables to your diet can brighten your day. Eating many colors will give you energy and help to keep you healthy in cold weather. It is important to know which fruits and vegetables are in season. They are the fruits and vegetables that grow better in cooler weather. You might see more of them when you go grocery shopping. They are fresher, taste better, and cost less money! Eating winter fruits and vegetables can help your health and your wallet.

This winter explore your local grocery store; look for these fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables:
Red: beets, apples
Orange: sweet potatoes, carrots, oranges, pumpkins
Yellow: parsnips, bananas,
Green: kale, Brussels sprouts, collard greens
Blue/Purple: purple cabbage, turnips

Cooking the Vegetables
Enhance the flavors of your fruits and vegetables by roasting them in the oven. Roasting them turns them into a warm and delicious snack. They will be perfect for the cold winter! You can play around with sweet and savory flavors. This is very easy and simple. You can even add spices for seasoning.

Valentine’s Day Idea
February is here so Valentine’s Day is near.  Who needs chocolate? Try shaping red beets into hearts. This is a cute and healthy way for sharing your love. You can roast the beets to make them tender and use a heart shaped cookie cutter to shape them. You can also use whole or sliced canned beets. The beet hearts can be added to any salad or dish!

Here are some recipes that are perfect for this season:
Baked sweet potato fries - a delicious and warm snack
Garden Stir-fry - a meatless main dish!

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