Winter Physical Activities

Did you know the USDA says you should get at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of physical activity each week? Many of us have trouble getting this much activity. Staying active is important because it can help you live a long life and sleep better. Being active can also help you stay at a healthy weight and fight off sickness. People tend to be less active during winter because of the cold. Here are some indoor and outdoor activities you can do to get moving during winter!

      Deep Clean
Who says you have to wait until spring to do your cleaning? Deep cleaning your house during winter is a great way to get moving. Take the time to move furniture around and get all those hard to reach spots. In addition to being active, being in a clean house can help refresh you on gloomy winter days. Kids can help you clean, too!
At home workout
You don’t have to go to a gym to get in a workout! At-home workout videos are low-cost and an easy way to squeeze in activity from the comfort of your home. Use items around the house like canned fruits and vegetables as weights. For a challenge, use liquid laundry detergent or gallon-sized milk containers. Home exercises can be an easy and affordable way to stay active year round. You can create your own at home workouts by doing jumping jacks during TV commercials or climbing up the stairs a few extra times!

Indoor Olympics
Plan an Indoor Olympics to get the whole family moving! Try making an obstacle course and put on events like hallway races, musical chairs, and hide and go seek. Take turn officiating events with your kids so you can get your fair share of activity.


Shoveling snow
You have already deep cleaned the inside of the house so now it’s time for outside the house. Shoveling snow from your driveway is a great way to get your heart moving. Keeping snow out of your driveway will help you when you need to run errands. To get even more of a workout, help your neighbor shovel out their driveway. Just make sure to dress for cold weather!

Snow games
Need something to do with all the snow you just shoveled from your driveway? Get your family outside and build a snowman! There are many fun games you can play with your family in the snow that will get everyone moving. Sledding, making igloos, and throwing snowballs are great ways to bond with your family while being active.

Winter Picnic
Enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer by taking a picnic in a winter wonderland. Pack some blankets, sandwiches, and hot soup in a thermos. If there is snow on the ground, build a small table for your picnic. Don’t forget to bundle up!

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