Reach Your Fitness Goals

We may know that being active is good for our health– but how do we keep on track with our fitness goals? Setting small goals for yourself makes it easier to get in shape and have a healthy lifestyle!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Start small in your goals. Here are some easy ways to be more active that you can start doing today:
  • Walk or bike to nearby places instead of taking a car or bus
  • Choose to use the stairs when possible
  • Take a stretch or fitness break during TV commercials
  • Enjoy the outdoors by caring for a garden or doing some yard work
  • Park your car further away when going shopping

Tools for Success
Not sure how to manage getting 30 minutes of physical activity a day 5 times a week? Here are some tools that you can try to stay on track:
  • Plan your workout days on a calendar. You may be more likely to get active if you see the planned time worked into your schedule.  
  • Download a fitness app. Free apps, such as MyFitness Pal, Fitocracy and Fitness Builder, can help you track your workouts. They are also useful for creating a fitness plan that suits you.
  • Get a workout partner. The “buddy system” works well for staying on top of your physical activity. You can help each other to stay positive toward reaching your goals!

You can make your workouts work for you – stay on track and get moving!

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