Tomato Recipes

Tomatoes are a great vegetable to include in any meal! Tomatoes are in-season and low in cost from July to September. Tomatoes are a great source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C to help us stay healthy.

When shopping for tomatoes, pick ones that are firm and brightly colored. Store tomatoes in a cool, dry place in a single layer. Tomatoes do not need to be refrigerated. Do not store them in a plastic bag, because this can cause the tomatoes to become mushy.

Picking how you want to prepare your tomatoes can fun! Tomatoes can be the main dish, like in these Summer Stuffed Tomatoes. You can also include tomatoes into your meal as a side dish. Try one of these recipes with brown rice and chicken for a complete meal:

Soup is another simple way to add tomatoes to your day. In the summer, tomatoes can be used in cold soup, like Cold Gazpacho Soup.  In the winter, tomatoes are found in hot soups like this Beet and Tomato Soup or Cabbage Tomato Soup. Add a sandwich with your soup for a healthy meal!

Tomatoes can easily be made to take on-the-go too! Pack this Black Bean and Corn Salsa with some whole wheat crackers or carrots for a snack. Add tomatoes to a sandwich or wrap like in this Crunchy Vegetable Wrap.

Have fun and enjoy finding new recipes to add tomatoes to this summer!


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  1. Me and my cousin don’t really like tomatoes. My cousin says he feels electric when he eats it. That’s kind of funny right? Any way the image of all those tomatoes look so pretty.


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