Spotlight on Apples and Pears

During the summer months in Maryland we enjoy fresh and delicious fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe and tomatoes. As we transition to fall these juicy summer fruits are replaced with a bounty of crisp and colorful apples and pears!
Apples and pears are both part of the pome family of fruits. They grow from flowers that blossom on trees in the spring and are ready to harvest and eat by the fall. Both apples and pears have a lot of fiber which helps to keep your digestive system healthy and your belly full. Here are some tips on how to shop, store and prepare apples and pears.
Shopping: Apples come in a variety of colors such as red, yellow and green, while pears can be brown, red or green. Let kids help choose what color apples or pears to try. Choose fruits that are firm and free of bruises.
Storing: Keep apples and pears in the refrigerator. Wait to cut apples or pears until you are ready to eat them because the inside can turn brown when cut open and exposed to air.
Preparing: Try eating the apple or pear with the peel on. This is where most of the fiber and vitamins are stored. Simply rinse the fruit under cool water before eating.
A fun activity that you can do as a family is to cut apart an apple or pear. Cut the fruit in half and have the children talk about what they see. How many seeds does the fruit have? Are the seeds all the same size and shape? Is the fruit the same color on the inside as the outside? After looking at the cut fruit, have children help make Fruit and Dreamy Dip as a healthy snack.
You can also try these fall-friendly recipes that use apples or pears:


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