Family Physical Activities After Thanksgiving

Turkey, stuffing, and apple pie, oh my! Your family is probably ready to burn off some excess calories from Thanksgiving. Try getting active as a family! Here are some fun ways to get moving:

Walk through a Corn maze
Find a local corn maze that your family can explore! Walking through a corn maze for 30 minutes is a great way to get moving.

Go Hiking
The leaves are changing colors and the temperature is cooling. This is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors! Take your family on a hike to enjoy the weather. Whether you choose a challenging or an easy trail, your family will get a fun workout!

Jump Through Leaves
Who doesn’t enjoy collecting a pile of leaves to jump through? This activity is easy, fun and the yard will be cleaner after!

Take a Family Bike Ride
Ride your bikes through your neighborhood or on a trail! Biking is a great way to exercise as a family.

Play “Ghost in the Graveyard”
Make the game of tag more fall themed by playing “Ghost in the Graveyard.” Your family won’t realize how much they ran until the game is over!

Play Flag Football
Get your sneakers on! If your family is looking for something more intense, this game is for you. Your family won’t stop moving during a game of tag football!

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Create clues leading to hidden objects around your house or yard. By the time you are done, you will have been walking for at least 30 minutes!


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