Feeding a Picky Eater

Does your child refuse to eat certain foods or doesn’t want to try something new?  Children don’t always like a new food right away.  Sometimes it takes a child up to 12 times before they decide if they like a new food or not!  Need some help getting your child to try new foods? Try these tips:
·       Be a good role model.  Try fruits and vegetables with your child.  Let them know how much you like them.  Talk to them about the flavor, texture and color.
·       Make a mystery bag!  Try putting a new food in a brown paper bag and let your child guess what is in it.  Show your child the food and try it together.
·       Serve a new food with a favorite food.  Give your child to have a new food with something that they already like.  Give the new food when they are hungry.
·       Join the 2 Bite Club!  Encourage your child to try 2 bites of a new fruit or vegetable.  If they don’t like it, it’s okay!  Thank your child for trying at least 2 bites.
·       Let your child pick a fruit or vegetable to try!  Take your child to the grocery store with you.  Walk through the produce section and see if there is a fruit or vegetable that they may want to try.   Let them help to prepare it when you get home.
Don’t give up!  Getting your child to try new foods can sometimes be stressful. Find ways to make it fun and exciting to try new foods.  Your child will begin to enjoy getting to try new fruits and vegetables!

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