Making New Year's Resolutions Fun as a Family

As you are thinking back on 2017 and planning for the upcoming year, consider creating a New Year’s resolution for the family. Reflect together and have everyone share something they are proud of from 2017 and share a family goal that they have for 2018. Keep the resolution specific, important to the whole family, and realistic. You want to be able to achieve the goal despite everyone’s hectic schedule! After you have decided on a family resolution, create a timeline, so you can get input from them about the steps you will all take to meet your resolution.   Then, keep your family’s resolution in plain sight, such as the refrigerator door.  Having a visibly written resolution will increase the chances of your family meeting your 2018 resolutions.
Here are some family-friendly resolutions to get you started:
  1. Get active!
  • Plan a monthly hike as a family
  • Designate one day of the week to have an indoor dance party following dinner and let different family members choose the music
  • Or, pick one day of the month to visit a local community recreation center or local park
  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables!
  1. Eat one more meal together as a family each week! It can be tricky to find the time to prepare a meal and sit down as a family. Keep the menu simple, the point is that everyone is together. Try 3 Can Chili or Taco Soup.
4. Create screen-free times! Decide as a family to not use smart phones, tablets, or TV during
dinner. Instead share one thing that everyone is thankful for. 

Celebrate Successes! Instead of punishing family members if they don’t reach a particular goal, celebrate small successes as a family. Use non-food rewards to celebrate such as taking a trip to the library to pick new book, planning a trip to the park or beach or scheduling a family game night.


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