Winter Physical Activity

Balloon Hockey

 When the temperature drops you may need to change how you go outside for physical activity. Safely exploring your favorite park or walking trail may require you to dress in layers to stay warm.  Layering clothes to protect hands, feet, and ears will help your family find it fun to participate in cold weather activities.  Try something new! Sledding, making snow patterns, and ice-skating are few cold-weather activities your family can try.
If you and your family are looking for indoor activities when the weather is too cold or icy to safely play outside, try looking up a yoga or workout video online.  Your child might be able to help you find some videos that they do at school. 
The Winter Olympic Games take place every four years. The 2018 Winter Olympics will start this February in South Korea. Challenge your family to create a “home” or “indoor” version of your favorite sport.  Be inspired by the athletes, and enjoy keeping your family moving through the winter!   Try some Olympic themed physical activities to celebrate!
·         Paper plate skating – Your family can enjoy skating at home!  Use paper plates and skate across the carpet.  Have races to see who is the fastest!
·         Balloon Hockey -- Create your own hockey rink right in your house!  Make a hockey stick out of cardboard tubes and a box.  Blow up balloons and pick your teams~!
·         Cardboard Bobsled – Have a large box at your house?  Use it for a bobsled and take turns pushing each other around the room.  Decorate the box to represent your favorite country.
·         Speed skating – Wear socks and use a smooth surface (not carpet) to skate.  See who can skate across the floor the fastest!  

Paper plate skating

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