Valentine’s Day Physical Activity

Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of American Heart Month and is a great reason to plan a healthy heart day with the entire family.  Rename your favorite activities to fit into the spirit of the holiday.  Crawl around on the floor as little love bugs; follow that up with cupid crunches, lovebird lunges, and sweetheart stretches.   Consider organizing a family sports match where the winners could receive coupons for future activity time such as a bike ride with mom, or bowling with dad.  

Other fun ideas for your healthy heart celebration could include trying different yoga activities like Mooga and Cosmic Kids Yoga or other online physical activity breaks.  If it isn’t too cold, dress for the weather and go for a walk.  If you live in a snowy area, you could even playfully toss around some snowballs.  You might have so much fun that you forget you are being active!  Come in from the cold and complete the day with a family dance party along with some of your favorite songs.  

After working up a sweat, rehydrate with this festive Fizzy and Fruity Water recipe, substituting pomegranate or some other red, 100% juice blend for the orange juice.   What will you do to enjoy a healthy heart day with your loved ones?   Have fun while being more active as a family! 

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