Family Fitness Ideas

 Fitness should be a part of everyone’s life in order to stay healthy.

There are many benefits to being active.
  • Reduce risk of different diseases like heart disease and diabetes
  • Control weight
  • Strengthen muscles and bones
  • Improve mood
 Staying fit can be hard, especially when you aren’t motivated. One way to make fitness easier is to do it with the people around you, like your family! Families can do so many different activities together, and everyone can get involved to be active. Going for a run is not the only way to be fit-there are so many options!

Some fitness activities families can do are:
  • Going for a walk, wear more layers during the fall and winter
  • With the cooler temperatures, bring your dance party outside!
  • With chalk or colored paper, create a winter hopscotch that can be used inside.
  • Getting the family to help with cleaning the house.
  • Create your own BINGO game, filled with your favorite farmers market produce, or nature in your environment.
  • Embrace technology and try geocaching.  The outdoors treasure hunt that will require a cellphone with GPS (global positioning system). Find more information on geocaching and trails here:
Fitness should be fun and enjoyable. Getting active with the family can make for great family bonding and a ton of fun memories. You also get a chance to try new activities and see different places with the people you care about. You can find more activity ideas here, and even find a healthy recipe to stay hydrated!

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