Healthy Snacks at Home

Why Healthy Snacks?
Do you find your child fills up on sugary treats between meals? Try giving them healthier snacks to munch on instead. These snacks have valuable nutrients for healthy growth. Helping your children snack well can promote lifelong health and prevent chronic disease.

Nutritious Nibbles
Some good choices include dried or sliced fruit and raw or steamed vegetables. Snacks like this can help make sure your children are getting their fruits and vegetables. You can include protein-rich foods like sliced cheeses, lean meats, whole grain crackers, and nuts. Great snacks also shouldn't be high in sugar or sodium.

Tasty Toppings
Try using spreads and toppings to spice up your snacks. Some examples include peanut butter, hummus, salsa, cottage cheese, and yogurt. These sides can improve favorite foods and help picky eaters develop a taste for new flavors. Dip celery sticks in peanut (or other nut) butter or hummus to make your snack tastier. Remember that these are meant to be a side for your snack, not the main event.

Try New Things!
Use snack time as a chance to sample foods you might not normally eat. Encourage your kids to eat food with a variety of shapes, textures, and flavors. They won’t like everything they try, but you never know what they might love! Check out these fun recipes to pack your snacks with the best things.
Peanut Butter and Banana Wrap
Tasty Tots Made From Sweet Potato and Chickpeas
Black Bean Salad and Shredded Carrot Lettuce Wrap


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