Heart of Hearts: Celebrating Valentine’s Day the Healthy Way

There is no better time than Valentine’s Day to incorporate heart healthy messages into this month’s family conversations. Have a discussion with your children about the importance of taking care of your heart through physical activity and healthy eating.  To extend the conversation ask your child’s teacher if they are planning to host a Valentine’s celebration. Suggest a physical activity-focused holiday party. A dance party or other movement games such as a balloon stomp can emphasize the importance of physical activity for a healthy heart while reducing the focus on unhealthy treats. Physical Education teachers are a great resource for games and they may even allow the class to borrow some equipment to make this cardio celebration a huge success.

If food will be served in your child’s classroom, offer to provide a healthy snack or drink. Children can stay hydrated with Fizzy and Fruity Water and nourished with Strawberry S'mores or this Strawberry Smoothie. Another fun idea is to host a red food tasting and offer a sampling of two or more healthy red foods such as red pepper slices, grape tomatoes, radishes, pomegranate seeds, strawberries, cherries and/ or raspberries.

Wellness starts at home! Any of these ideas can be adapted to try at home as part of your family’s heart healthy festivities. Get creative! Check out the FSNE Toolkit for additional healthy celebration ideas.

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