Festive Fruit! Healthy Holiday Dessert Ideas For Celebrating with Friends and Family

Serving fruit for dessert is a low cost, healthy, and tasty end to any holiday meal.  In fact, the ingredients for this fruit compote recipe might already be waiting for you in your kitchen!  Serving fruit for dessert adds fiber to your diet.  Fruit also provides a healthier choice to more common desserts, like cakes and pies. These foods have a lot of added sugar and fat..

The winter months can be harder when shopping for fresh fruit.  Fresh fruits  can cost more out of season, and may travel from a warm climate far away to arrive on your grocery store shelves. When fruit travels a long way it may not be as fresh and taste as good. . 

Don’t have fresh fruit on hand?  Frozen fruit without added sugar, dried fruit, and canned fruit packed in its own juice are all money saving and tasty choices.. They are just as healthy for you as  fresh fruit.  These fruits are picked at their peak of ripeness and flavor, and then quickly canned, dried or frozen to make sure they stay tasty.  Look for these types of fruit and stock up when they are on sale.  They will last for several months in your freezer or in your pantry, and are ready to use when you are.  Use as much or as little fruit as you need, and save the rest for another time.

Speaking of time, the holiday season is so busy, especially for the cook, and this recipe for fruit compote is a real time saver! It can be made one or two days ahead of your holiday meal, takes about 20 minutes to prepare, and is stored in your refrigerator.  Serve it warm, or at room temperature with a little low fat vanilla yogurt on top.  It is a healthy, delicious, and refreshing end to your holiday feast.


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