Get Moving!

We often find ourselves stuck inside during the winter months, unable to get out and be active.  Whether it is snow, ice or just too cold to go outside – what can you do inside your home to help you and your kids burn calories. When you can’t get outside to take a walk or go for a run, here are some tips to help you get moving inside your home! Get your kids to join in with you and make it a fun day. Invite a few friends over and make it a party.
  • Stairmaster
    Use the stairs in your house to get moving.  Play some music to get you in the right mood.  Have your kids walk with you and see if they can count the number of steps.
  • Dance Party!
    Put on your favorite music and have a dance party right in your own home.  Have a contest to see who has the best dance moves.  Divide into groups to create a new dance routine and teach it to everyone in the room. 
  • We'll Be Right Back...
    While watching TV, get moving during the commercial breaks.  Make sure you are up and doing something during the break to wake your body!  Here are some fun things to try while your TV show is on break: 
    • Hop on one foot
    • Jumping jacks
    • Running in place
    • Push ups/sit ups
  • Fun & Games
    Kids can play games together inside the house instead of watching TV or playing video games.  Here is a list of games to play inside if there is room.
    • Hide and Seek
    • Hopscotch
    • Jump Rope
  • Exercise DVDs
    You can find exercise DVDs in your local library.  You can play the DVDs on a home player or on your computer.  Try all the DVDs in the library and decide which one you like the best.

Whatever the season, it is always possible to get moving and burn some calories. Don’t let the winter blues slow you down. Keep moving….all year long! 

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