New NEW Year's Resolutions -- A Positive Spin on Our Yearly Goals

If you are anything like me, you make New Year's Resolutions to improve your health.  Have you ever noticed how we often word these goals with a negative spin?  For example, we say things like, "I have to stop eating chocolate" or "I need to lose 15 pounds".  Wording our goals in this way can decrease our motivation to achieve them.  And sadly, by the end of January, many of us have forgotten our plans to improve ourselves and we resort to old habits.

This New Year, try putting a positive spin on your health goals.  It is much easier to maintain New Year's resolutions with a positive attitude.

Old New Year’s Resolution
New New Year’s Resolution
Lose weight
Reduce blood pressure
Burn calories
Eat less junk-food
Drink less soda
Eat out less often
Shrink waistline
Decrease clothing size
Watch less television
Spend fewer hours at work
Quit a bad habit
Eat more fruits and vegetables
Drink more water
Have family dinners more frequently
Strengthen muscles
Have more wiggle room in clothing
Spend more time talking to loved ones
Play with kids more
Start a new hobby

See for yourself how much easier it is to accomplish your goals with a positive attitude! 

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