Physical Activity for Spring


Spring has arrived and it's time to fill up a water bottle, put on a pair of comfortable shoes and get moving!  After all, the warm weather and extra daylight is a great time to get outdoors and get active.  Getting physical activity into your family's daily routine will help to reduce stress, boost your family's energy levels and improve your overall health!

Here are some ideas to get you moving this spring with fun and easy physical activites:
  1. Have a day at the park.  Go to a local park and fly a kite, find a walking trail, play baseball or kickball, jump rope, take the dog for a walk, or throw a Frisbee.  Bring a picnic lunch and large blanket for everyone to sit on for a family meal.
  2. Plant a vegetable garden.  Growing and eating from your own garden can be very exciting.  Kids love to see how food grows and they have fun helping to pick their own veggies. If you have limited space at home, try growing lettuce, tomatoes, or fresh herbs in pots that can sit on your porch.  Kids love to eat the foods that they have helped to grow.
  3. Turn off the TV and go for a walk.  Limit your family's screen time and go for a walk around the neighborhood instead.  The sunlight helps your body get Vitamin D.  Being out in the sun also helps to improve our mood and energy.
  4. Create a routine with family and friends.  Find a friend or family member to be physically  active with on a regular basis. Create a routine such as taking a walk after dinner at least 3 times per week.  This will give you something to look forward to and you can support each other's physical activity goals.
As you become more physically active this spring, you'll boost your energy level and find yourself needing a cool treat.  Try a Yogurt Berry Parfait for a healthy treat to help cool you down!

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