St. Patty's Day the Healthy Way

Green and St. Patrick's Day go together, so why not celebrate this fun day by trying new green foods with your family?

Plan a special grocery shopping trip with your children to pick out two or three new green fruits and vegetables.  Be sure to give yourself enough time to let your children see, smell and feel all of those yummy green foods at the store.  Then make the foods for a healthy meal or snack in the next day or two when they will taste the best.

What might your children pick?  Here are some ideas:

Have they tried broccoli?   Add a bit of low-fat ranch dressing or hummus on the side for dipping!  Have they ever tried fresh green beans or asparagus (a real treat that is often on sale in the spring)?  Simply add a bit of water and microwave them for a very short period of time and your family will enjoy crisp and flavorful veggies.  Or buy celery, cut up a stalk, and add peanut butter and raisins for an old snack favorite, Ants on a Log.

Slice into a kiwi and surprise the children with the juicy green fruit inside that funny, furry brown skin.  Green grapes are often a big hit with children.  Honeydew melon slices are another option.  They are sweet with a pretty shade of green.

So many choices!  Go green the healthy way and have a fun St. Patrick's Day.


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