Snack Healthy This Summer

During the summer months children spend more time at home.  Keep healthy snacks on hand to give them the energy they need to play and have fun.  In-season fruits and veggies that are now available in grocery stores and at farmers' markets are good snack choices.  Try these tips for healthy snacking.

  • Grab and Go Snacks.  Keep sliced vegetables in the refrigerator and serve with dips like hummus or low-fat salad dressing.  Other great grab and go snacks include pretzels, air popped popcorn, trail mix, or peanut butter with crackers.
  • Yummy Fresh Fruits.  In season berries, pears, peaches, and melons as well as bananas and apples can provide an easy "grab and go" snack.  Always wash fresh produce before eating or cooking.
  • Swap out the Sugar. Make your snacks healthier by replacing sugary ingredients with healthier choices.  Top a graham cracker with low-fat vanilla yogurt and sliced strawberries.  Place another graham cracker on top to make Strawberry S'mores.   Blueberries and sliced peaches make great toppings, too.
  • Mix it Up.  Blend plain fat-free or low-fat yogurt with 100% juice and fresh berries or peaches for a tasty fruit smoothie.  Buy only the amount of fresh produce your family will use within a few days.  Freeze the rest to use at a later time.
  • Nibble on Lean Protein.  Choose lean protein foods such as low-sodium deli meats, unsalted nuts, low-fat cheese or eggs.  Wrap sliced low-sodium deli turkey or ham around an apple wedge or a cherry tomato.  Store these in the refrigerator to be enjoyed as "grab and go" snacks.

Place a plastic container in the refrigerator to keep all snacks together so children can grab them when they are hungry.  Prepare single-serving snacks for younger children to help them get just enough to satisfy their hunger.  Let older kids make their own snacks by keeping healthy foods in the kitchen.  

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  1. Such great ideas to make healthy snacking easier and more efficient. I am reminded of this blog post from The Kitchn and now I want some raw jicama to snack on!


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