Tips for Staying Hydrated in the Heat

On hot days during the summer, it's really important to stay hydrated.  Our bodies need to keep hydrated to help the heart and muscles work properly.  Try these tips this summer to keep hydrated:
  1. Drink enough water to prevent feeling thirsty.
  2. When doing any type of physical activity, drink water before, during and after the activity.
  3. Eat five cups of fruits and veggies a day.  Fruits and veggies have some water in them.
  4. Keep a reusable water bottle on hand and refill to have water always available.
  5. Make your own Homemade Sports Drink that has less calories and healthier for you!
Have trouble drinking water?  Try adding flavor with lemons, limes, berries or other fruits.  Adding fresh or frozen fruits can add flavor with adding extra sugar and calories.  

Enjoy the summer and keep hydrated when being outside!

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