Dinner Planning Made Easy

What's for dinner?  Do you want to save time and money?  Here's a few questions that you might consider before making your dinner plans for tonight:
  • Will I prepare a home-cooked meal or order takeout from a restaurant?
  • What healthy options can I include?
  • How much money do I need to spend?
  • How much time do I have to prepare and eat dinner tonight?
Use the following four steps as a guide to help save time and money and make your family meals a breeze to plan.
  1. Keep it simple.  Stock up on foods that you can make and serve in a hurry, such as canned tuna, whole grain bread and pasta, canned or frozen beans, fruit, peanut butter, leafy greens, eggs, and low-fat yogurt.
  2. Make meals with your children.  Spend time together making family meals and get some kitchen help too!  This will save you time and your children will learn important skills.  Children can help in the kitchen by setting the tablet, washing vegetables, stirring, measuring, and choosing a fruit or vegetable to try.
  3. Prepare food ahead of time.  Cook on the weekends when you have time and freeze the food you plan to eat the following week.  Search the Eat Smart website for recipes containing your family's favorite foods. 
  4. Shop smart.  Go grocery shopping with your kids and take the time to read the nutrition facts labels, unit prices, and compare store and national brand products to find the best buys.  This will stretch your food dollars and keep your family healthy.


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