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Do you use a tablet or smartphone?  Chances are you probably have a nutrition or physical activity application "or app" downloaded to use.  There are many apps that keep track of calories in food, measure physical activity, and even help locate fresh local foods.   Here are just a few apps that might be helpful to you:

My Fitness Pal -- A free calorie counter and physical activity tracker.  This app allows you to track the foods that you eat, add foods not found within the app and enter the amount of physical activity that you do. It is a great tool to see if you are eating enough fruits and veggies and getting enough physical activity.

Cooking Matters -- No Kid Hungry and Share Our Strength created a recipe app!  It includes over 90 healthy, budget-friendly recipes developed by chefs for you to try at home.  The recipes include pictures of the recipe, cooking tips, nutrition facts and chef's notes on other ways to prepare the recipe.  These recipes are also kid-friendly and kid-approved!

Fresh Food Finder -- An app to help you find the nearest farmers' market and locally-grown food in your area.   This app provides a map feature to show you where the markets are located.  There is also market details including the market website, address of the market, and if WIC/SNAP benefits are accepted at the market.

Map My Walk -- A walking app that lets you track how far, how fast, and how long you walked.  It also shows you on a map the exact route you walked and how many calories you burned.  This app is a great tool to help motivate you to get more physical activity and set new goals.

What is your favorite app that you use to help track healthy eating and physical activity?

Disclaimer:  These apps have not been evaluated by Maryland Food Supplement Nutrition Education (FSNE) and are not endorses by the organization.


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