Going Green at the Grocery Store

There are things you can do if you're interested in a "greener," more naturally friendly household. One place to start is at the grocery store. Here are some easy steps you can take right now to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Plan ahead and combine trips
If you have a number of errands to run and are visiting several stores, try to complete them all in one trip. Planning a weekly shopping trip will help you consume less gas.
Bring your own bag
Use an attractive reusable shopping bag or reuse the store’s plastic bags. Some stores give a discount to customers who bring their own bags. Remember to deposit those unused plastic bags in recycling bins available at all stores. 

Plan meals -- make a shopping list
Knowing exactly what you need when at the store will save you time and help reduce those return trips for the forgotten items. Take time to plan your weekly meals. Make a list. Sticking to that list will help you to buy less of those food items you really don’t need and save money.     

Buy in bulk
Purchase food and other items in large containers that can be used to fill/refill smaller containers. For example, save money and reduce packaging when purchasing snack food. Buy the larger bag and then divide into smaller reusable containers for lunches and snacks.

Recycle leftovers
Reuse your leftovers in your favorite meals or create a new dish. Keep a watchful eye on food left in your refrigerator. Use leftovers within 3-4 days or freeze them. We all need to cut down on our food waste.

Also, buy local, in season produce at your Farmers’ Markets. This helps to save money on the transportation of fruits and vegetables and supports the local farmers.

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