Screen Free Week

It’s Screen Free Week! Here are some tips to try with your family this week to get the most out of your screen-free time.
  • Make time for physical activity 
    Persuade your child to put down the video game controller or tablet and pick up the basketball instead! Physical activity can include a wide variety of fun and engaging things, such as dancing, jumping rope, riding a bicycle, or playing sports.

  • Get in the kitchen 
    Have your kids join you in the kitchen to help prepare meals! Take this time to experiment with new dishes and fun recipes. Assign different tasks to everyone; one person can gather the ingredients and another can wash or peel the vegetables. You may even discover that your little picky eater has a new favorite fruit or vegetable!

  • Turn TV time into family time 
    Round up the family to eat dinner together. Encourage conversation and discussion! Without the TV acting as distraction, family meal time can be a valuable bonding experience.  Don’t forget to put your cell phone away too!

  • Flex your creative muscles 
    Set up an arts and crafts night! Crafts can include seasonal items, such as spring and summer themed placemats, dream-catchers, and sculptures. Get creative beyond the normal paint and canvas! Try out different art mediums and materials, like clay, paper mache, and wood.
  • Enjoy the nice weather 
    Consider taking a family trip to a national park or hiking trail. As the weather warms up, take this opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and appreciate the scenery. Not only is hiking fun and relaxing, it is also great exercise!
With all these different activities, pretty soon you’ll forget that you even had to depend on the TV for entertainment in the first place!

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