Corn Season is Here!

 What better way to celebrate summer than with corn? You can find corn year round in the can or in the frozen section of the grocery store, but fresh corn is best during the summer months. You can usually find them in farmers’ markets and grocery stores still in their husks. Corn has many health benefits including being high in fiber, antioxidants, and B vitamins.

Shopping for Corn on the cob
  • Look for husks that are fresh and green.  The husk should feel firm and heavy. Pull back the husk to look for plump kernels.
  • If you find a lot of fresh corn on the cob on sale you can shuck them and freeze them for later use during the fall or winter months.

Shucking Corn on the cob
  • Peeling or “shucking” the husks can be messy but if you hold the corn over a plastic bag it can make it easier to clean up.
  • Hold the base of the corn firmly and peel back the outer husk. Grab the silks at top and peel those back. It may leave a few strands of silk on the cob but you can remove those after.

 Time to Eat!

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