Time for Fun in the Sun

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and get moving! Being active helps kids and adults have stronger muscles and bones. It also helps you sleep better at night. Try to encourage kids to be active for at least sixty minutes every day. 

Some ideas:

  • Hopscotch: be creative! Use chalk to make a hopscotch course, with numbers or letters in the shapes. Let kids take turns giving directions such as “spin around on the number 5” or “hop on your left foot to the letter D.”
  • Gardening: it may not seem like activity, but digging holes and watering plants can work up a sweat! As a bonus, kids may be more likely to eat a veggie if they help to grow it.
  • Frisbee: throwing a frisbee back and forth is a great way to practice catching skills without needing a lot of expensive equipment or gloves. Check your local dollar store for a frisbee
  • Crazy walks: when going for a walk, add some challenges to get your heart beating and keep kids interested! Try skipping, hopping, walking backwards (carefully), or walking sideways.

  • Stay hydrated! When it is hot outside, we sweat more and lose water through our skin. Keep a cold water bottle nearby and remind kids to take drink breaks during their play.
  • Stay protected! It is easy to lose track of time while having fun in the sun, but it is important to always wear sunscreen. Reapply according to the directions on the bottle or after getting wet. Take a few minutes as a family to put on sunscreen before every time you go outside, even on cloudy days.

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