Healthy End of the Year Celebrations

The end of the school year is almost here! Your child’s class may be having an end of the year celebration – a chance for the kids and teacher to enjoy some food and fun.  You can help make sure your child’s party is a healthy one with a few of these ideas!

Provide Healthy Snacks
Suggest bringing fruits, veggies, and whole grain foods!  You can make quick, easy snacks to bring to your child’s class with just a few ingredients. Here are some suggestions:

Make a Healthy Snack as an Activity
Get the kids involved with making a healthy snack! They will enjoy making the snack and eating it too!
Try these:
Bugs on a Log (From Women’s Day)
Peanut Butter Apple Frog (From
Palm Tree (From The Crafty Chicken)
Serve Unsweetened Beverages
Water or low-fat or skim milk are good options to serve at your child’s party.   Offer to make fruit-infused water to bring and share with the class.
Visit or for other healthy recipe ideas.

Play Games that Involve Movement
Let the kids get out some energy by playing games that will keep them moving.  Try “Simon Says” or “Duck Duck Goose”.

Have a Dance Party
Put on some music and encourage the kids to dance around.They’ll be able to get some physical activity in while listening to their favorite tunes.
Share these suggestions with your child’s teacher to show them simple ways to have a healthy end of the school year celebration!

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