Favorite July 4th Foods

In the USA, we celebrate America’s birthday on July 4th. This country-wide celebration is filled with outdoor fun, fireworks, and garden-fresh foods. Check out the menu planning tips below for a happy and healthy Fourth of July!
For a snack or side dish, use garden-fresh or canned tomatoes in this delicious MyPlate Salsa, a favorite for kids and adults. Serve the salsa as a salad topping or with multi-grain chips.
For a festive main dish, make Confetti Spaghetti! This pasta salad combines colorful vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes and carrots with mozzarella cheese and whole grain noodles for a hearty dish that is great warm or cold.
For protein lovers, prepare Lemon and Herb Chicken and serve it with your pasta salad and sides. Be sure to include sweet summer corn as a side dish, and enjoy it cooked on the cob or in a delicious Corn Salad.
To cool down during the celebration, enjoy Watermelon Pops featuring fresh watermelon and blueberries!
All of these recipes can be prepared a day or two ahead of your celebration. If you are having a cookout or are eating outdoors, you will want to keep food safety in mind. Always remember to keep raw meat separate from cooked meat, and have separate utensils and prep surfaces. Keep plenty of ice on hand to keep things cold. Remember that food should be thrown out after 2 hours if left at room temperature. Otherwise, be sure to keep cold foods at or below 40 degrees and hot foods at or above 140 degrees.
We wish you a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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