Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is here. The weather is warm. Kids have more time to play! Of course, there are tons of activities for kids to choose from. Some include sports, reading, and cooking. But sometimes those activities can cost a lot of money. Here are some low-cost activities for your kids during the summer.

Make it a family activity by getting everyone involved! Buy seeds to grow your own fruits and veggies. The kids will have a lot of fun watching their plants grow.

Visit a Local Pool
Summer is a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, but it can get hot! Visit your  community pool to cool down in the hot summer sun. Many pools have a kids area where they can play with fountains or waterslides!

Everyone Loves to Use Sidewalk Chalk
Kids love to draw pictures on the sidewalk with chalk. Use chalk to draw a hopscotch board or draw a picture of your favorite fruit or veggie. You can also create your own game with chalk.

Make a Summer Bucket List
Get the whole family involved in a summer bucket list. See how many items you can cross off! Add ideas like visiting a zoo or going on a family hike. Other examples include playing frisbee, visiting a park, making a new recipe together, having a picnic, or visiting the farmers’ market!

Tag -- You’re It!
No equipment is needed to play tag!  It is perfect for a large group of kids. Play different types of tag like freeze tag, cartoon tag, and dragon tail tag.

Use these suggestions to get active with your kids this summer! If you have any others ideas, please share them with us!

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