Trick of Treat!

Halloween is only two days away.  What comes to mind when thinking of Halloween -- jack-o-lanterns, children's costumes, hot apple cider, haunted houses, or sugary treats.  These are all common signs of Halloween.  As you make last minute plans to celebrate this year, try replacing the candy, soda, and sugar treats with a few smart tricks and healthy treats.

Smart Tricks:
          1. If you or your children plan to go trick or treating, collect all of the candy at the end of the night and freeze it.  Get 2 pieces of candy out for your child only if they ask for it. 
          2. Donate your Halloween candy and snack cakes to a local food bank, Operation Shoebox, or Operation Gratitude.  Both Operation Shoebox and Operation Gratitude send care packages to U.S. Military overseas.
          3. Instead of going trick or treating, have a Halloween party with some of your child's friends and have healthy snacks for your guests such as pretzels, fruit, or trail mix.  If you want to give out goody bags, try adding items like glow sticks, jump ropes, or yo yo's.

Healthy Treats:
Candy, soda, and junk food do not give our bodies healthy nutrients.  Replace them this Halloween with one of the following healthy treats:
  1. Dried fruits, such as small boxes of raisings, provide the body with fiber and other nutrients and is a great option for both trick-or-treaters and the snack bowl at holiday parties.
  2. Trail mix is an excellent source of energy and a great alternative to candy and junk food.  You can also easily make it yourself by mixing a variety of nuts, dried fruits, and whole grain cereals.
  3. Instead of candy bars, try giving 100% fruit juice gummy candies in small packages.  These are nice portion sizes and provide Vitamin C.
  4. Skip the soda and make a healthy fruit fizz with 4 oz. of plain selter walter, 4 oz. of 100% fruit juice, ice cubs, and a slice of lemon, orange or lime for garnish.
By using these smart tricks and healthy treats in your Halloween celebration, you can model healthy behavior for your chlid and other family and friends.


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